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Who are we?
Van Tol-Heraud is a Peruvian/Dutch language company established in 2010 in Lima (Peru) to formalise the businesses of translators Cristina Heraud and Remy van Tol. We specialise in language services in the following combinations:

English to Latin American/Peruvian Spanish
French to Latin American/Peruvian Spanish
English to Dutch
Dutch to English
Spanish to Dutch

Within Peru we also offer interpretation services from and into English and Latin American/Peruvian Spanish. Cristina is a highly experienced interpreter who has participated in many missions of the European Commission to Peru, Chile and Argentina.

Our way of working is as straightforward as possible, developed to spare you as client from the bureaucratic hassle and extra cost of unnecessary, tedious formalities. You give us the original document(s) and we translate them using the same design and format. It is as simple as that! Moreover, the fact we are in South America makes it possible for us to offer very reasonable prices and give you a European style service and punctuality as cherry on the pie.

We would like to emphasise that we are not a translation agency. All our work is done by Remy or Cristina, with the occasional help of professional colleagues if a project is too big for us to handle alone. You will never have to deal with project managers who do not know the source or target languages.
All projects are thoroughly proofread by either Remy or Cristina.

If you need your work to be dealt with in a highly professional manner, then Van Tol-Heraud is a professional, friendly and cool option worth to consider. Please contact us at for more information about our services and pricing..

Van Tol-Heraud E.I.R.L
Santiago de Surco
Lima, Peru


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